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OLEOTURISMO gift voucher

OLEOTURISMO gift voucher


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Botanical sensory tastings with EVOO’s from the Empordà.

My passion and knowledge of extra virgin olive oils, the ancestral culture of the olive tree and the connection with my Andalusian origins, have motivated me to represent the image and gastronomic values of the excellent aoves we have in the Empordà.

Enjoying a tasting directly under centenary olive trees is an experience that connects us to our Mediterranean essence, to the quiet life, the peace of the olive tree, health and good food.

In this activity I show you the differences between olive trees and their oils, curiosities, properties and uses of olive trees in the kitchen. Tasting of oils of local varieties, such as argudell, of great intensity and Empordanese character. The tasting is accompanied by appetizers prepared with the different aoves.

And as they say that oil is not to be drunk, oil is to be eaten…. I propose to extend the experience with a picnic in the olive grove.