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Empordà: Taste and experience authentic nature

Going to the origin, visiting farmers, wineries, oil mills, beekeepers... it is a real luxury to taste and learn about the product in the field. An experience to enjoy the best country gastronomy.

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Personalized cooking workshop at your home or in hired spaces. We cook together to enjoy a different gastronomic experience, with a diversity of products from the sea and the mountains, herbs and flowers from the environment or from your own garden or orchard.

Sharing cooking and recipes before the meal can be the best prelude to a good meal. If you like to cook, I will be happy to make a four hands menu with you or your guests.

Cooking in a group creates affective relationships and generates a very pleasant family energy in the teams.

We can cook the recipes that you like the most, whether traditional or avant-garde cuisine, we can create recipes for vegetables, fish, meat, rice...

The workshop/cooking course has a fixed cost of 850 € (up to 3 hours and 6 people) plus mileage cost (0,34 €/km) if it is for outside the Baix Empordà region. Includes lunch to be eaten during or after the workshop. Drinks are not included. For larger groups, a tailor-made quotation is available.


Being born and raised in the Empordà, daughter of a shepherd and a cook, makes me a good connoisseur of the land and its people. My fondness for edible wild plants was born in my childhood, when I accompanied my father with his flock guiding the sheep in what they could eat or not.

When I walk with people along the paths of the Empordà, I feel a bit like a shepherdess and I observe how the people who accompany me connect with that animal instinct that has been erased from us. It is wonderful to discover the flavor and virtues of herbs and flowers that nature gives us for our health and well-being.

In this experience you will discover a new look at the landscape.

The ride lasts 2 hours, although the journey is short, quiet and pleasant. At the end of the trail we will enjoy a small wild tasting, as an aperitif.

300€ up to 6 people, 50€ per additional person.


Botanical sensory tastings with EVOO's from the Empordà.

My passion and knowledge of extra virgin olive oils, the ancestral culture of the olive tree and the connection with my Andalusian origins, have motivated me to represent the image and gastronomic values of the excellent aoves we have in the Empordà.

Enjoying a tasting directly under centenary olive trees is an experience that connects us to our Mediterranean essence, to the quiet life, the peace of the olive tree, health and good food.

In this activity I show you the differences between olive trees and their oils, curiosities, properties and uses of olive trees in the kitchen. Tasting of oils of local varieties, such as argudell, of great intensity and Empordanese character. The tasting is accompanied by appetizers prepared with the different aoves.

And as they say that oil is not to be drunk, oil is to be eaten.... I propose to extend the experience with a picnic in the olive grove.

Visit and botanical tasting: 300€ up to 6 people, 50€ per additional person.

Visit and tasting with lunch: 540€ up to 6 people, 90€ per additional person.



The organic vineyards are an orchard of botanical life, the wines express the essence of the territory, aromas and flavors of flowers and edible wild plants that grow among the vines, and these become the perfect pairing for the wine.

I am a member of the Enogastronomy Club of the Costa Brava and Pyrenees Tourist Board and a member of the DO Empordà Wine Route.

I personally know the wineries and the people who care for and make the wine. With them we celebrate different activities such as wine and flower pairings and gastronomic experiences in the vineyards such as dinners, brunches, tasting walks and botanical picnics.

If you feel like enjoying wine and nature, we will find your ideal winery for a walking and tasting experience or a tasting with food.

Price of tour and tasting at the winery: 300€ up to 6 people, 50€ per additional person.

Price with lunch in the vineyard : 540€ up to 6 people, 90€ per additional person. (wine consumed during the meal is purchased separately directly from the winery).


Or the table in the field. Gastronomy of origin.

The orchards and crops of the Empordà offer a landscape of flowers, fruit trees and cereals that change with the seasons. We offer a field day to learn and taste products at origin, an authentic slowlife experience.

We start with a walk in the countryside where the local family shares their knowledge. You will have the opportunity to harvest vegetables or fruits.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a menu with ingredients from the garden, with renewed traditional recipes. Sitting outdoors, you will enjoy an authentic country meal.

The experience is available from June to September. Starts at 18:30h and ends at 21:30h. Reservations can also be made at noon from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

The menu is vegetarian, with ingredients from the farm. Ideal for all ages.

Price 540€ up to 6 adults, 90€ per additional person, children 20€. For groups larger than 10 people, contact me to customize the experience.

Plan your gastronomic vacations in the Empordà.

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